ABC OverviewAfghan Business Centre (ABC) is a private venture started in 2014 with an aim to promote Afghan produce and fruits by placing it at high-end retail chains, facilitate Afghan fruit trade, conduct business-to-business match making, and provide a platform for Afghan exporters/traders in the regional as well as international markets.

With all these efforts, we strive to add value to the Afghan fruits and subsequently provide a better price for the farmers and growers at the farm level.

Currently we have offices in Kabul and New Delhi and we are working on the strategic expansion of our footprint in the regional and international markets in order to increase the market share for Afghan produce.

The basis of our philosophy is delivering quality product and services in the best innovative ways upholding integrity at its best!


Our mission is to bridge trading gap between Indian and Afghanistan markets through trade facilitation and trade partnerships. ABC aims to be a facilitating gateway for all Afghan production exports and imports.

Our philosophy is to provide & deliver marketing and communication solutions and services with the highest standard of professionalism, creativity upholding at all times quality, integrity and innovation.

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